Talking about an environment-friendly transportation that will bring joy while roaming around the center proper of Cabagan? Kalesa is the one.

Kalesa was introduced by the Spaniards during  the 18th century and became one of the modes of transportation in some places in the Philippines. Amidst the changing time, the Municipality of Cabagan proudly maintained the life of kalesa, apart from Intramuros in Manila, Tuguegarao City in the Northern Cagayan and Vigan in Ilocos Region.

 Its three parts depict meaningful things. The KALESA (carriage) symbolizes the simple way of life of CabagueƱos, modest yet satisfying. The KABAYU (horse) represents the town in its journey towards more progress and development. The KALASERU (coachman) symbolizes CabagueƱos as forward-looking, hospitable, hardworking and resilient people.