If we, Cabagueños will be asked by tourists or visitors if what is the best thing about our place, we will answer with pride and with no second thought “PANSI CABAGAN!”.

Pansi Cabagan is a noodle dish introduced by Sia Lang or popularly known by locals as Diang-ga, a Chinese trader from Amoy (now Xia Men in China) sometime in 19th century (P. Salgado,1898 & Miano, 2018). Diang-ga married a local in Cabagan named Agustina Deray Laddaran and they established the first panciteria in town called “New Life Panciteria”, which was eventually destroyed by fire. As time passed by, new panciterias were born and some still exists today.

As the main product of this town (One Town One Product-OTOP), Pansi Cabagan is a staple dish of Cabagueños gastronomic world. Be it for special occasion, get together party or just a simple meal at home, Pansi Cabagan is always present and the center piece of every celebration.

Some Cabagueños residing in Manila and other places have established their own panciteria, where they serve Pansi Cabagan. In fact, when you go to Manila, Pansi Cabagan is very famous to the city people and you can hear them bragging about how delicious this noodle dish is.

You can’t go wrong when eating Pansi Cabagan, since its noodles called “miki” is also used for different dishes. For the locals, it can be used to cook lomi, pancit canton, or mixed with munggo. In the absence of pork, one can use tinapa (smoked fish), sardines or clams (asisi) which create new dimension of taste for the Pansi Cabagan.

If there’s one product a Cabagueño would always be proud of, it is our Pansi Cabagan. Its unique taste depicts our incomparable characteristics as hospitable people. Its noodles represent the knot that tightly binds us as one family of Cabagueños. Its broth symbolizes our rich culture and traditions.

If you happen to pass by this beautiful town, hop out, find some restaurants and experience the delicious noodle dish originated from Cabagan, the best-tasting Pansi Cabagan!